Let’s become partners.

Finding and keeping high quality employees is one of the biggest and most important challenges facing your organization. Creating the perfect balance between the job requests and personal lifestyle is vital nowadays. That is why we created a wellness program for your employees with regular pilates and yoga session available through online streaming. That means LIVE sessions that your employees can benefit at the office or at their home.

 Regular pilates or yoga workouts can help to strengthen the core, improve posture and is highly recommended for people who spend a lot of time sitting in office.

It is also a great way to show your employees that you respect their personal time and wellbeing and also.

What we can offer:​

Venusao Yoga & Pilates is a digital studio based in Bucharest that offers full range of classes of Yoga, Pilates, Total Body Workout, Restorative for Back & Neck Pain, Pre/Postnatal programs designed for all human needs.

We provide online classes  with LIVE streaming and consu​ltancy on needed workouts.

Your employees can benefit from our full range of classes and stay healthy and happy.

We work in partnership with your management team or HR department to determine your needs and use wisely your determined budget.

Fees are based on which type of subscription you require. Based on your needs, we can customize a price structure that is right for your particular business, whether temporary, permanent, or a combination of both. Our fees are designed to provide a high rate of return on your investment by providing high calibre talent without the high calibre headache that often comes with the hiring process.


Dana Cristiana Pasol, Owner of Venusao Yoga& Pilates Digital Studio