Like everything real in this world, I was born 37 years ago out of love and was tought that this is the most precious gift of them all.

I was lucky to have the best guide in life- my parents, to find my soulmate- my husband, and get the best accomplishment in life- my son and, as I like to say, my daughter, that is my Yoga path.

I cherish my family and my friends, I do everything with dedication and passion.

I am a permanent seeker.

Some years ago, I found a quote that really got into the bottom of my heart and blood.

The message was addresed to the one searching for the absolute Meaning of Life, for the one willing to find why they are part of this wonderful miracle and perfect timing coincidence.

“ Find the way to yourself” it is this way of living life, of never ending the seek for the things, people and activities that fulfill us, that are in complete connection with what we believe to be the answer of everything.

Never stop searching untill you really find Happiness, that is the fine perfect line, the answer of all questions, that brings together the Heart, the Mind and the Body.

I teach Yoga, Pilates and a fusion of all sports and activities that I love. 

I am a seeker of anti-age lifestyle and I share to the others only what works for me, only what I already tested. 

I work in a holistic approach, blending medicine, nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, brain enhacement and beauty rituals to bring out the Superior Being that lays in every person, the Best version of ourselves.

I can make a promise that I use everything I know, studied, intuite, to bring this Being into You as well, that I will guide you through discovering your personal Best.

This is mostly a personal Journey, but everyone needs guidance on this trip.

Everything I write, tell you and teach you is part of my personal development, part of my beliefs and progress, so it is up to you to follow accordingly to your desire.

Everyone is different and has unique needs, but what lies in the Universal laws and can be always listened is Love, Intuition and Will to progress, to accomplish your Dharma.


Dana Cristiana Pasol

Trainings and Specialties:

I’ve always been devoted to movement and care for my Body, Mind and Soul.

I am a Taurus, so I am always into my rituals, I cherish the temple of the Soul and invest time in patterns I feel best for my development.

I was always attracted for mysticism, spirituality and laws of life.

I always test something I recommend later, I am a very demanding spirit, I ask everything from myself before giving all to the others.

I worked in the Marketing and Communication field for more than 12 years but in the meantime I cultivated my intuition and trained.

I am a Cycling teacher, a Pilates and Yoga guide and forever seeker and I love body movement in all ways

My need for intensive body training refined my teaching style as a powerfull, vinyasa based fusion of calistenics, pilates, martial arts, ballet flows embraced by breathing techniques and mindfull meditation.

I think that human body needs all type of movements, and a strong balance between easy and hard, superficial and deep,

calm and alert state, mindfull and breath taking 🙂

I think you need to feel every part of your body in order to gain complete clarity and awareness of what you are. We are energy dressed in flesh and bones and need different approach for every part of our wonderful Being.

I take care of your spine, with back pain relief techniques and special workouts I designed for a long life bone and support inner deep muscle structure.

I teach on request special classes for pregnancy and post pregnancy based on my personal experience with my 9 month bundle of joy, my son, Adam.

Due to this personal training my pregnancy period was one of my happiest and essiest of my life, gave me an easy natural birth with no epidural anaesthesia and a quick recovery time after delivering my child. I was back in the normal shape and teaching classes in 2 month post-partum and now, after 9 month I am in my best shape ever.

I continue my training and continuously learn and develop my awareness.

I can advise you, based on my experience, on beauty rituals and daily menu, on books for personal development and techniques to raise your vibrant energy.

I am here to motivate you, thank you for choosing me.