My Yoga and Pilates Journey

I came across yoga and pilates by chance, trying to find some activity to calm my mind and stretch my body after the long days and stiff position at the office, stuck at my desk. I was doing a lot of power activities like kick-boxing, cycling and running, but the stress was getting stronger and over the years I started to realise that all I need was to calm my mind, tone my muscles and stretch more to get flexibility and improve posture and alignment. Yoga and pilates come to me, as a natural step forward in my wellness and healthy life style I chose to follow. This made me flexible, feminine, healthier and happy. I started to notice improvments also in the other chapters of my life. Getting the “Me” time was the most important of them all. Being happy improved my relationship with others, boosted my projects and cleared my mind for creating the new “better-self”.

As a corporate addict for more then 14 years, dealing with a lot of postural stress, health problems and lack of personal time, I know what it means to add movement in your life, to aim for progress, for non-judgement, the union of body, mind, and spirit, and about letting go of your egos that nearly kill you on inside.

It is about You and Life progress. About dealing with your daily challenges and being Happy!

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