Group Sessions

Complete Training: Yoga, Pilates, Core Sculpt, Happy Spine, Body Fit.
Virtual only!
EXTRA! Special access to a collection of over 200 workouts for members, available anytime.
  • 10 sessions online package : Yoga & Meditation: 250 Lei
  • 10 sessions online package : Pilates & Body Fit: 250 Lei
  • 10 sessions online package : Pre/Postnatal : 250 Lei
  • 10 sessions at your choice: 250 Lei

The sessions include  10 live visits and access to as many recorded classes as you wish for 30 days.

Pay per visit: 35 Lei

Your first live session is free of charge as you can see if the program suits you. Please choose your class  from the schedule and contact me for the connection details.  There are 3 LIVE classes per week.

Private Sessions

1/1 session, personalised training only for you.
Yoga/ Pilates/ Body Fit/ Core Sculpt/ Happy Spine/ Pre/Post pregnancy Classes via Zoom

Single Sessions 1/1:

  • 60 mins = 100 lei
  • 75 mins = 120 lei
  • 90 mins = 150 lei


  • 5 for 60 mins = 450 lei
  • 5 for 75 mins = 500 lei
  • 5 for 90 mins = 550 lei

All rates are applicable to small group private sessions (up to 2 people), as well.  This is a great option to lower the cost by splitting it with your friends/family!

All payments are final, and will not be refunded unless instructor cancels the session. In the case that the instructor cancels, the student will be fully refunded. If the student cancels with LESS than 48 hours before the planned session, the student will NOT be refunded nor rescheduled. If the student cancels with MORE than 48 hours before the planned session, they ARE able to reschedule a new session within the instructor’s availability.

Payment details:

  • REVOLUT or on phone number at 0730240991
  • bank transfer to RO14BTRLRONCRT0446351501