Healthy lifestyle is the key

I am still probably in my first half of this wonderful life and I remember exactly the day that I took the decision to become a Vegetarian. I always loved meat, especially red meat, I couldn’t refrain myself from a green pepper steak that smells delicious and tastes divine.

I never had health problems, the only thing I could blame my father for was the high cholesterol level even if I am a lean and slim person. All the doctors told me that is due to the high stress or a bad genetic gift.

I read about the subject a lot of articles and studies (The controversial China Study was the intro), watched many movies and at the end tested on my body.

It is not only a question of health but also an ethical issue. The fear, adrenaline and suffering transfers from the sacrificed animal to our body and infest our energy.

After 5 years of vegetarianism I can tell you that this was one of my best decisions in this life. I don’t intend to get back to my previous meat eating habits but I will definitely don’t refrain my children from it. I think it can be a very unhealthy decision to interdict someone to follow his/hers instincts.

Mine says that I am a lot healthier, looking younger, I built and kept a lean body , a bright mind and a shiny skin.

This is my way of life, it is not a diet (I don’t believe in punctual diets but in lifestyle habits on long term) and it brings a lot of energy and happiness to all my body cells.

I can’t tell anyone to choose this but I can show you my progress and recommend it by example.

PS: I promised myself from the first day that I would not die craving for some steak if I feel to have it. It was not the case anymore. Craving just didn’t appear anymore


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